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Legrand Fun Beach, Korea’s first beach water park, is located on a 14,000m² site in Daecheon Beach. The beautiful beach is a gift of nature, where you can enjoy the dynamic joy of the water park at the same time.
Furthermore, it is a leader of the sea leisure industry, with the beautiful sea view hotel, refined banquet halls, restaurants with fresh ingredients, and variety of events throughout the year. Here, the harmony of nature, human, health and culture can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Unburden yourself from all the stress of everyday life, and treat yourself with the deepest pleasure at Legrand Fun Beach.
Deacheon Beach is the Mecca of sea sports and also the greatest recreation area along the west coast. Ideal for family trips, it greets more than 15 million visitors per year. Legrand Fun Beach, located within Daecheon Beach is the first water park to be located within the ocean in Korea. Enjoy not only swimming in the beautiful sea, but also the exciting water park, full of active attractions.
Legrand Fun Beach is the first resort managed by Water Park and Spa Korea Co., Ltd, which was responsible for the planning, design and construction of Duksan Spa Castle, Jangam Island Castle, Bucheon Sopoong and other leading spas and water theme parks both in Korea and abroad. Based on our broad and reliable experience, we will dedicate all efforts to creating a safe and enjoyable place for people of all ages and gender.
The Stand Up Flowrider is the first of its kind in Asia! At Legrand Fun Beach, you can enjoy surfing without having to travel abroad. Furthermore, the Storm River is the longest pool in Korea, and only at Fun Beach you can find exciting, unique dynamic attractions such as Hurricane, Magic Ball and Black Hole.
Legrand Fun Beach is only two hours from Seoul via the West Coast Highway, and has easy access to various tourist attractions nearby. 78 islands including the Moochangpo Beach, where the ‘Miracle of Moses’ takes place twice a month, the Oseo Mountain, landmark of the West Sea, Seongjoo and Ami Mountains with the beautiful tints of Autumn, and various cultural attractions including the Ocheonseong and the ancient temple, Seongjoosaji are all great places to visit nearby Fun Beach.