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Venetia, located in the lobby, is designed in a European style with eye-catching frescos. The chefs from five-star hotels will delight you with fresh and rich ingredients. Enjoy the delicious specialties, ranging from light snacks to a healthful, full-course meal
Hotel 1st Floor
Morning buffet (peak season), beef rib steak, Wando abalone steak, Ginseng and beef soup, mare cream oven spaghetti, etc
Beverages: More than 30 wines and champagnes from global leading wineries

Enjoy a light meal of pizza or burgers at the Takeout Familia. Fun Beach will be providing a variety of foods and services, including delicious and freshly made foods and a take-out service.
Hotel 1st Floor
Cheese crust pizza, hamburgers, buffalo wings, coffee and beverages, etc

Enjoy the last night of your holiday at Club Luce, from where you can see the beautiful beach. Enjoy the best of wines, the sunset beach, sweet music and the romantic and exquisite atmosphere
Hotel 9th Floor
Cocktails, champagnes, wines, whiskeys and a variety of drinks